Rochester to Become 100% Renewable!

Yesterday, August 16th, 2017, Mayor Lovely Warren announced that Rochester will transition towards utilizing 100% renewable energy to power the city. This initiative is part of Sierra Club’s, “Mayors for 100% Clean Energy”, as Rochester joins 141 other municipalities throughout the United States with this clean energy goal. Mayor Warren stated, “We know that if we don’t take action to battle climate change, the natural resources that we cherish will be at great risk. Yet still, some deny that climate change is real. If Washington won’t act, we will.” Within her announcement, Mayor Warren credited Rochester People’s Climate Coalition (RPCC) and its efforts in working towards Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). Sue Hughes-Smith of RPCC said the following about RPCC’s efforts with regards to CCA, “We envision a plan that brings low cost renewable energy to all residents and small businesses, and that over the long term will be used to develop more local solar production and increased energy efficiency…we are thrilled that the city is planning to move forward with community choice aggregation.”

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