Help RPCC by Create more Complete Streets in the Rochester Area

The NY DOT (Department of Transportation) is currently planning a maintenance project for Rt 96 (East Ave.) in Brighton and Pittsford, a so-called ‘road diet’, reducing the 4-lane thoroughfare to 2 lanes. This project offers an opportunity to build a better infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians on this stretch of East Ave, at the same time calming traffic. RPCC supports this and similar projects in our region in order to promote alternatives to car travel: biking, walking, and using mass transit. However, we feel strongly that it is necessary for the design of this particular project to provide a designated and clearly marked bike lane of 5′ (5’ 10’ 10’10’ 5’.) The current proposal only provides a space of 3.5’ for cyclists in an unmarked lane. This allocation of space would make cycling on East Avenue dangerous, as cars tend to travel at faster speeds in wider lanes (the current proposal allocates 11’ for the driving lanes), and the risk of injury or fatality for cyclists would certainly be higher when traveling in an unmarked shoulder. The visual cue provided by the designated bike lane will provide a much safer and secure environment for cyclists. Additionally, it has been shown that driving lanes between 10- and 10.5′ are optimal for driving safety.*
It is also very important to address drainage problems on East Ave., especially on the right side. Doing so would also provide a safer cycling infrastructure.
RPCC supports initiatives that provide for ‘Complete Streets’, streets that are equitable for all of residents: not only motor vehicle drivers, but also cyclists, pedestrians, mass-transit users, and people with special needs.
Please support this initiative by writing to the project manager: NYSDOT Project Design Engineer Daniel Schwind ( and local legislators. There will be public hearings about this project on Dec. 11th from 6-8 at Pittsford Town Hall (11 S. Main St., Pittsford) and on Dec. 13th from 7-9 at Brighton Town Hall (2300 Elmwood Ave., Brighton.)