Public comments requested by end of day Thursday, Feb 15!

Action Item from the Alliance for a Green Economy

Public comments requested by end of day Thursday, Feb 15!

Electricity rates are being set right now in New York state. It’s time to raise our voices and tell the NYS Public Service Commission that our fixed charges are too high.

Fixed charges – the flat monthly fee that you pay on your utility bill no matter how little energy you actually use – are higher in NYS than in any neighboring state. In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, National Grid charges a residential fixed charge of $5.00 and $5.50, respectively. In Connecticut, residential fixed charges for one of CT’s two energy suppliers were reduced from $17.25 to $9.67 per month in 2016, and an upcoming rate case should significantly reduce the residential fixed charge in the other supplier’s territory. But in New York, National Grid’s $17/mo fixed charge is not slated to be reduced. And Central Hudson actually seeks to increase the $24/mo fixed charge to $25.

Unless we convince the PSC otherwise.

Testimony during the current rate case shows that NY’s high rates are not justified and that a reasonable rate would be in the range of $5.57 to $8.30 per month. That’s right, more than a 50% decrease from current levels is reasonable!

Comment today to lower fixed charges across New York for all utilities.

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