Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Roundtable

RPCC is proud to announce our first big event with the business community! We are sponsoring a sustainability-focused roundtable discussion hosted by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce on March 8th from 5-6:30pm at Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, where executives from four local companies will share what they’ve learned about the benefits and challenges of adopting environmentally sustainable business practices.

Why are we sponsoring this event? Because in order to truly “inspire and facilitate a large-scale climate mobilization in the Greater Rochester Region…that will achieve carbon neutrality by 2027,” we must work with large institutions and help their leaders understand that climate-friendly choices are good for the planet AND their bottom line.

However, working with the Chamber of Commerce isn’t cheap. Sponsoring this event will cost $1000, which is big bucks for a small nonprofit like RPCC! Can you help? Contributions of any size will be greatly appreciated! Please use the donate button below to chip in an amount that is comfortable for you.
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